Jewelry Box was established in 2017. Launched with creating a unique collection of gold coins with distinguished frames. Later on, the emerald stone collection was introduced, which became a signature element of our identity. Our core craftsmanship was then defined with the Egyptian culture and Pharaonic heritage, which continues to inspire us till today.
the sophistication of emerald stone

Emerald is the main factor in presenting our identity which represents royalty and wealth
Emerald symbolism encompasses royalty and wealth which perfectly allignd with our identity at Jewelry Box


Ancient Egyptian Jewelry History

Egyptians were deep believers in Jewelry‘s spiritual significance. It was worn to ward off evil spirits, protect their wealth, as well as bring good luck. Certain colors, designs and materials were associated with supernatural powers and deities.

Gemstones of the Pharaohs

Although the Pharaohs favored the use of glass and the restoration of the dye instead of the gemstones because it is difficult to cut, there is a collection of precious stones in the era of the Pharaohs such as garnet, lapis lazuli, alabaster, rock crystal and turquoise also Emerald which was loved by Queen Cleopatra.

  • Emeralds known for immortality and fertility
  • Malachite promotes healing
  • Garnet symbolize the extremes of anger, fire, victory and life.
  • Turquoise symbolize life and happiness
  • Carnelian was believed to purify the blood, symbolized stability and protection
  • Obsidian symbolized death
  • Amethyst denoted royalty
The art of layering

We are distinguished in the industry with our art of layering and being the go to destination of jewelry trends

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